Institutional Distinctiveness

Steptowards quality education.

It is our basic mission to nurture a quality education among students ofrural , under privileged class & economically backward students . It isimportant for girl especially for the rural area , to identity themselves withself-confidence & esteem .

 Our focus is to import knowledge andimprove women to serve society.Skill development may be defined as anexpression to improve your efficiency , ability to perform work and to completetask at the right time .The college has tried to consider this aspect so thatstudents will be equipped with the quality that enhance their strength .

We have courses  like PGDCA , BCA that have a focus on employability intechnical field whereas subject like Home Science and Geology aims to generateemployability is the fields of Nutrition , Nursing , geo-mining soil &water surveying . Due to being located in an around coalfields prospect forstudents opting Geology are more in afore mention field .

Courses like physics , chemistry:-

Our institution runs master program in chemistry and there is provision forshort term dissertation preparation , where they learn skills at differentindustries which later on aids them to opt  for job related to coalwashery , an plasma industry and power plant .

Fundamental subjects like Mathematics and and  Physics enables studentsto pursue  jobs in the field of in banking , accounting and higher levelcomputational research oriented jobs also .

Courses like zoology &botany offers job recemes thefield of forest services , surveying ,  Biodiversity research , jobs asmuseum curator Zoological & Botanical garden supervisor , fisheries ,apiculture , sericulture , dairy poultry bio-technological and bio- engineeringservices  and also as conservational biologist.

Studying Commerce Economics can lead for jobs in the field of Businessadministration , management Services ,Financial Advisors , Accountancyetc .

Institution runs master program in social science including sociology &political science . Pursue which may enables students to optjob in the field of social words , activists , reformers socio- economicresearchers .

Our’s is the only institute in sarguja districts of Chhattisgarh thatgraduate program in Music (instrumental) which can generate self- employabilityas individual- perform music teacher , therapist .

 Languages like Hindi & English as well as literature , studyingcan open numerous doors to job opportunities . Media , creative writing ,content writing bloggers , interpreters , bilingual translators , novelist,poets , lyricist are some of the glorious fields where students from thesebackgrounds can flourish.