Program - Course outcome 2023 -24

B.A. English Literature

1. To acquire an ability to read and understand various literary genres and write critically.
2.  To demonstrate a critical aptitude and reflexive thinking to systematically analyse the scholars of the English Studies.
3. To demonstrate a set of basic skills in literary communication and explication of literary practices with clarity.

Program - Course Outcome
B.A. /B.Sc./B.Com,/ B.C.A. Ist year. ( New syllabus)

1. To give the students an understanding of the basic features and structures of the English language.
2. To enrich their vocabulary and improve their grammar through various exercises.
3. To develop the 4 basic skills of English language - LSRW in students.
4. To enable them to write a Paragraph/ essay on given topics - describing a place, person, Biographical sketch, narrating an Event or Experience, formal and informal letters, and answers for the Unseen passage.
5. To introduce the students to understand great literary works of the renowned authors of India and world.

B.A./B.Sc./ B.Com./ B.C.A. IInd year

1. To give the students a first -hand knowledge of Major Indian Scientists and their contribution in scientific research.
2. To have mastery of language for understanding the basic concepts of grammar and vocabulary.
3. To develop the skill of expansion of an idea through the use of Idioms and proverbs.
4. To develop their writing skills through Report writing on various topics.

B.A./ B.Sc./ B.Com./ B.C.A. IIIrd year

1. To give the students a first -hand knowledge of Aspects of Development through the problems of Third World Countries.
2. To generate among students the knowledge, awareness, modern outlook and total view of life.
3. To enable them to write Essays and Precis writing on the given topics.
4. To improve the understanding of grammar and prepare them for competitive exams.

Note : The courses of all the three years are designed to give knowledge of English language for the development of Communication skills.

Dr. Shrabani Chakravorty
HOD Dept of English
Govt.Vivekanand P.G. College Mahendragarh (MCB) CG