Department at a Glance

Father of History-Herodotus

हेरोडोटस को “इतिहास का पिता” कहा जाता है। ।हेरोडोटस का जन्म 484 ईसा पूर्व में हैलिकारनासस, एशिया माइनर में हुआ जो अब बोडरम, तुर्की के नाम से जाना जाता है ।हेरोडोटस की मृत्यु  430-420 ईसा पूर्व में हुआ और ये प्राचीन दुनिया में निर्मित पहले महान कथा इतिहास के ग्रीक लेखक थे जिन्होने ग्रीको-फारसी युद्धों को इत्तिहास के पन्नों मे लिखाI


After the completion of BA and MA in history scholars will be able to distinguish between primary and secondary sources and identify and evaluate evidence

Students will demonstrate in discussion and written work their understanding of different peoples and cultures in past environments and of how those cultures changed over the centuries.

They will be able to produce their own historical analysis of documents and develop the ability to think critically and historically when discussing the past

The study of history will give them the ability to compare and contrast different processes, modes of thoughts and modes of expression from different historical time periods and in different geographical areas.

Students will offer multi-causal explanations of major historical developments based ona contextualized analysis of interrelated political, social, economic, cultural and intellectual processes

Students will be able to write an original research paper that locates and synthesize relevant primary and secondary sources and has a clear, coherent and plausible argument, logical structure, proper references.

Students will present orally their researches and a summary of another research in an organized, coherent and compelling fashion.